Drawing and Shading techniques for Art Lovers and Beginners

Drawing and Shading techniques for Art Lovers and Beginners, Drawing with different techniques of shading& textures to bring your drawings to life with details,highlights and shadow.

Fundamentals of Shading Techniques, Adding lights, highlights, textures, shadows. Preliminary Shading and create realism in drawing. Different techniques of blending and textures of different Blending tools. Also lessons will teach u hold over your shading pencils. Idea About the direction of light and where to create Shadows and how. How to create  Optical illusion. How to do Freestyle Doodling with using different patterns and textures. How to Perspective Drawing which tricks our eyes and brain to add life to a drawing. Designed for those who have done or barely done drawing. It will help you progress quickly in less than 2 hrs of tutorial and to get to enjoy drawing. I m Available all the time for your help and support. Lessons plans are created in such a way that you can also do side by side by following tutorials.

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