Lampwork Glass Rose Implosion Pendant

Lampwork Glass Rose Implosion Pendant, On a Silver Glass Vertebrae Bead.

Welcome to my Coiled Rose Implosion tutorial. In this video tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a beautiful coiled rose implosions and mount them on a silver reduction glass vertebrae bead.  The glass I use in this tutorial is COE104. We are going to use Effetre, Creation is Messy (CIM) and Double Helix glass. The colors are recommendations. You can use any colors you want.

The class is split into 5 separate lessons. Each lesson will teach specific techniques to build the final bead.

  • · In Lesson 1, the student will learn how to make an encased cane for the coiled rose. I will also show them how to make the stem and leaf cane to finish the flower.
  • · Lesson 2 will concentrate on making the Vertebrae Base Bead. The student will learn some of the intricacies of processing silver glass including resetting the glass, reduction techniques, spiral encasements to form the vertebrae ribs and final encasing, bicone shaping and mashing to form the base platform for the rose attachment.
  • · Lesson 3 will instruct the student on the technique of odd-mandrel implosions. We will form a disc on a rod of glass and apply a coil using the encase cane we made in lesson 1. We will then use heat control and gravity to implode the coil into a unique 3-dimensional design.
  • · In Lesson 4 we will attach the rose to the base bead,
  • · In Lesson 5 I will show the students how to form a headpin and create the final pendant.

This tutorial is intended for the artist who has an intermediate level knowledge of lampworking. Beginning artists may find this bead challenging, but the techniques taught in each section will be helpful in advancing your skills in the lampworking arts.

All artists creating this bead should have basic knowledge of lampwork safety precautions. Torch safety, glass handling skills, proper ventilation and using proper eyewear are all requirements needed to safely make this bead. All the materials, supplies and tools are available through lampwork glass suppliers and distributors. I also highly recommend using a kiln to properly anneal your bead after it is complete to ensure durability and strength.

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